We usually have some appointments which you can book  in advance via one of our online apps, or by telephone on 020 8777 5511 or in person.

Most of our appointments you will be able to book on the day, this is for patients who have become ill on the day or overnight.

These appointments will be on a day first come first served basis.  Once you have been given or booked an appointment, the appointment Doctor will see you at the appointment time given.


Prior to booking an appointment by either an AskFirst App, or by telephone or in person, you will be asked for a description of the problem or what your appointment is relating to. This is because it helps to offer the correct appointment type for you and it assists the clinician in preparing for your consultation. 

  • These can be booked from 08:30 am & 16:00 pm via phone and face to face on the day
  • You may not have an option of who you see
  • You will only be offered a 10 minute appointment for one issue ONLY
  • You cannot book urgent appointment from online booking system
Routine appointment
  • Likely to have a bit more choice about who you see
  • Suitable for Medical problems not improving after appropriate self -management
  • Suitable for routine reviews
Telephone Consultation

Telephone consultations are available every day 

  • Can be booked daily either face to face or via  telephone
  • Mainly for the test result
  • However many other things can be dealt with over the telephone but the doctor will decide the best course of treatment.
  • If you have been unable to obtain an Urgent appointment and need to speak to a clinician urgently 
Things that help us to help you:

8.30 am – 09:30 am & 16:00 -17:00 pm are the busiest times for patients phoning in for urgent appointment. If your enquiry is not about an urgent appointment you might get through quicker if you ring outside of these times.

Please do not blame the receptionist if you have been unable to make an appointment. We have 2 receptionists booking appointments, and patients can also book routine appointments using the methods mentioned above. 


SELNASH PCN Enhanced Access Service

Need to see a GP but can’t get an appointment at our practice? Our Enhanced Access Service can help.

The SELNASH PCN Enhanced Access Service based at Farley Road Medical Practice. They provide additional telephone or in-person GP appointments available from Monday to Friday 4 to 8pm. GP appointments are also available The service is also available  on a Saturday (9am to 5pm) .

Saturday mornings the SELNASH PCN Enhanced Access Service offers the following practice Nurse Appointments: Asthma review, Diabetes review, COPD review, contraceptive Pill check, DEPO, Smears, Injections, Child & Adult immunisations, Dressings, ECG & Blood tests.

These can be booked via AskFirst or by calling 111.


Croydon GP Hubs

Need to see a GP but can’t get an appointment? Our GP Hubs can help.
Call NHS 111 before you go to pre-book an appointment or wait to be seen without an appointment at one of our GP Hubs in Central Croydon, Purley, or Parkway.



Cancel appointments you don't need